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5 Tips To Make A Viral Tweet

Up Your Twitter Game!

Making the perfect tweet is a challenge to say the least. Furthermore, its even harder to make a viral tweet. Increase your chances of a viral tweet with the following tips.

Tip 1: Write Compelling Headlines

To make a viral tweet you need it to have a compelling headline. People need a reason to want to share your tweet. Twitter gives you 140 characters to write with. Therefore, it’s best to keep it short and to the point. Most of all, make the headline relevant and attention grabbing! For example, try to be witty, funny, teach, or inspire awe depending on your personal or businesses brand. Also, use Google URL shortener if you include a link. It will make your headline look cleaner.

Tip 2: Use Images And Video

Tweets with images and videos have higher engagement than those without. Images and videos are eye catching and offer more ways to engage with your tweet. As a result, adding images and videos to tweets increases the chances of your tweets going viral. You can’t just include any image or video though. It must have something that makes people want to retweet it. For example, maybe its a hilarious video. Or, maybe it’s a stunning image. Regardless, you need to make sure it is retweet worthy. For example, the tweet below shows a sweeping view of Edmonton’s skyline with the arena under construction in the foreground. This view instills a sense of awe and civic pride.

Tyler Majeau Blog Post - Arena Viral Tweet

Tip 3: Use Hashtags But Don’t Go Overboard

Twitter invented the concept of the hashtag so it’s worth mentioning this feature! Hashtags are one of the ways that people find tweets they are interested in. Do your research into which hashtags are relevant to the people you are trying to reach. For example, in the case of my arena tweet above my target audience was Edmontonians so I used the #YEG hashtag as it is the hashtag for Edmonton. Typically, I would recommend no more than three hashtags per tweet.

Tip 4: Time It Right

Twitter’s news feed is real time so time your tweets right to reach as many people as possible. For example, think about what time of the day your audience is on Twitter and try to post tweets during times they are most active. To further illustrate, if you are using Twitter to market to other businesses, try posting during business hours. If you are trying to reach consumers, try posting during when they would have their lunch break or on weekends. If you don’t have time to post everyday you can use social media scheduling with tools like Hootsuite which post for you.

Tip 5: Tag Influential Accounts

If you have a small Twitter following it can be hard to get traction with your tweets. Luckily, you can tag influential accounts that are relevant. If they like your tweet and retweet it, it will be seen by their followers. For example, in my arena tweet above I tagged Rogers Place, Ice District, Epcor Tower, UrbanYeg, and Explore Edmonton. The photo was taken from the top of the Epcor Tower and the new Rogers Place arena and Ice District where visible in the photo. Because of this, the tweet was immediately relevant to these accounts and their followers. UrbanYeg planned the Instameet where I took the photo so it was relevant to them as well. Explore Edmonton is the tourism Twitter account for Edmonton, so once again the tweet was also relevant. With their retweets my tweet was able to reach beyond my small following and reach a broader audience. Reaching a broader audience meant my tweet had more opportunities to be retweeted. Also, I reached out via direct messages (DM) to my friends and asked them to retweet my tweet once I noticed this tweet was being retweeted which helped amplify the tweets reach.

With these tips and your own creativity you’ll be on your way to reach a bigger audience on Twitter! If you enjoyed this blog post please share!