Google AdWords Advertising

Online Advertising with Google AdWords allows you to place targeted ads for your business or organization in front of customers based on what they search for at the moment they search for it. It’s a highly targeted and accurate method for marketing to customers. Best of all, data collected can be used to refine your marketing efforts even further to improve the performance of your digital marketing efforts. As a certified AdWords consultant I have the expertise to create campaigns for your business that deliver results.

This is how my process works:

1. Getting To Know Your Business

I meet with you to learn as much about your business as possible. Which markets your business operates in. What makes your products or services unique. What goals you want to reach. What I learn will help me later on when it comes to putting together a strategy to help you reach your goals.

2. Research

After our initial meeting I do research which will help guide the direction of the AdWords campaigns I will build for you. Part of this research includes an extensive keyword analysis and examination of what the competitors are doing. Based on my research I determine what type of campaigns would best serve your business such as search, display, or remarketing campaigns.

3. Campaign Development

At this stage I begin building your AdWords campaigns for you laying the foundation for you to reach your customers online. I create ads and send you visual mockups, offer suggestions for improving your website landing pages, and finally implement the campaigns so you can begin reaching your customers.

4. Ongoing AdWords Management & Improvement

Once an AdWords campaign has been started it must be continuously monitored to ensure it is achieving its goals and is effectively optimized to do so. I monitor media spend, cost-per-click, conversion rates, keywords, and make tweaks and adjustments to keep your campaigns performance top notch. I provide reports so you can see the results from the campaigns.

Let’s Get In Touch

Tyler Majeau is a Digital Marketing consultant and Google certified AdWords specialist who strives to help businesses grow by reaching new customers online.